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I'm proud to have taught over 27,000 students as a Top Teacher on Skillshare. 

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Drawing People: Creating Unique and Dynamic Character Poses in Procreate

Throughout this class you’ll learn how to design and pose diverse, stylised human characters with unique body shapes. The class covers:

  • Gesture drawing
  • Realistic human proportions
  • Designing unique, stylised characters
  • Sketching expressive poses from reference
  • Illustrating a series of dynamic character poses from start to finish

Take the class here.

Character Illustration: Drawing Expressive Gestures & Poses in Procreate

If you love drawing people but struggle with adding personality, expression and story to your character illustrations, this class is for you. We’ll cover:

  • How to understand and convey body language through your drawings
  • Creating expressive character poses from imagination
  • Drawing hand gestures and facial expressions
  • Communicating character relationships and interactions
  • Illustrating an emotive, stylised scene from start to finish

Take the class here.

Illustrated Environments: Draw a Stylised Landscape Scene in Procreate

In this class I teach you all you need to know in order to create beautiful landscape environments, such as:

  • Achieving a sense of depth and perspective in your scenes
  • Accentuating a focal point within your composition
  • Stylising your elements using shape language
  • Bringing your scene to life with lighting and atmospheric effects
  • The process of illustrating a scene from start to finish

Take the class here.

Drawing Houses in Procreate: Illustrate a Unique, Imaginative Home

Learn how to draw homes full of personality and charm in this beginner-friendly class. We'll cover:

  • Getting started drawing with Procreate + lots of tips and tricks
  • Finding inspiration and making studies
  • Building up interesting house designs using shapes
  • Rendering stylised materials and textures
  • Adding character with details and storytelling
  • Choosing a striking colour palette
  • Creating a unique illustration from start to finish

Take the class here.

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